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At Euro Classic Autos we are always tinkering to improve our cars and bikes and generally have a renovation project on the go, here are a few photos and descriptions of some of our current projects underway.

Moto Guzzi V50 Monza 'Barn Find'
Been out here in France in a dry barn for a few years but fortunately well kept and run regularly, we have repaired and resprayed the external panels, which had a bit of light damage and giving the frame and engine a good clean up and serviced the bike to bring it back to its former glory!

Tank and panels now back from paint shop, he has made a nice job of these they're not pink, it's the flash! 

MGB Roadster 1963 Restoration

Newly acquired this very early car has attracted a lot of interest, Simon used to work for an MGB garage many years ago, so here we go for a second wind! This one being of the earliest Mk1 MGB's we have ever come across. They can be distinguished by the 'Pull Handle Doors', the early grill and many other recognisable features such as the very early dashboards, the three main bearing early engines, the three synchro mesh gearbox with its familar whine!! This car actually had a 1500cc early MGA engine fitted! We put a battery on the car and believe it or not everything worked without exception, we did a few checks on the engine, got the oil pressure up, bit of fresh fuel in the tank, didnt even need to tap the petrol pump tick tick tick and off it went. Leaped into life with no hesitation whatsoever!! We have now sourced the correct 1800cc period engine for this car and have removed the old MGA engine now cleaned drained and its up for sale ..... any offers??? The newly sourced at great expense correct for the car unlike a lot of others out there 3 main bearing engine which we have been told is an excellent runner has been sourced from a reputable dealer in Plymouth area; to be on the safe side it is being stripped checked, gaskets and seals replaced and painted ready for installation. New clutch ordered, gearbox will also be cleaned stripped and checked all oil seals and gaskets replaced ready to be married up together. The work now begins on preparing the engine bay stripping out all the wiring, ancillaries, heater, pipes etc. with a view to treating it to a good primer and painting it to the desired colour, ready for the engine to go back in, hopefully before the end of April..... Pick a colour lets do a deal and finish the car for you? Watch this space for updates.

Moto Guzzi V50 Monza
Back together now, serviced and road tested just awaiting some more heat wrap for the exhausts 2m didn't go far, so ordered another 10m roll of kevlar heat wrap, bike performs very well indeed, shaft drive untra smooth and I hadn't realised that when you hit the rear brake it actually puts on the left hand front calliper too, quite advanced for something 35 years old.

MGB Roadster 1963
Engine bay now stripped ready to take back to the bare metal, all the gaskets and seals, engine and gearbox components and new clutch 'Borg and Beck' also the clutch and brake master cylinders and bits and peices have arrived from David Manners in the UK. We hope to have the engine back together by next week and back in the resprayed engine bay by the end of April 2015.

MGB Roadster 1976
The new chrome bumper kit has been ordered and I have stripped the car this afternoon .... wow those rubber bumpers weigh some! The thing must accelerate somewhat quicker without those! I have taken pretty much all that required to respray the car, there are some alterations to do to the front and rear wings to convert the car 'properly' to chrome bumper specification and purists would say it should be lowered too but personally I think the ride height is better on this era of MGB's. We are now going to run the car into the body shop 'Chez Christophe Carroserie' to carry out alterations for the chrome bumpers and respray as to orginal colour, it would look nice with a set of wire rims on too.

Moto Guzzi V50 Monza

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